Cristina Hernando Pajuelo, google Ads | Tracking GTM | Analytics | CRO | Landing Page

Stop wasting your money 

with your Google Ads campaigns

If you are one of those users of the Google Ads network...

I put in several thousand euros and I didn't get any leads

Google Ads is not profitable enough for my business

I feel like my campaigns are plateauing

I can't find the same number of conversions in Analytics or CRM

I offer you a unique opportunity:

Get your Google Ads in 80 days

More leads

More sales

More profitability

A direct and simple objective

Increase your company's turnover through Google Ads.

Imagine being one of those clients:

Thanks to Cristina we have improved our conversion tracking. Now we optimise our campaigns with the amount of billing that we bring back directly to Google Ads and have a clear idea of the ROI of this advertising.

We went very fast. The cost per lead went from 250€ to 30€ thanks to Cristina's work. Google advertising is now a profitable and essential lever for our company.

The real advantage is that we can delegate the management of the sales pages to the Google Ads Consultant. We have three times the number of conversions and AB testing helps to increase the conversion rate continuously. 

We are now coming across similar figures in Analytics. The GTM Tracking service has been a revelation for us. Cristina has set us up with Google Data Studio reports that make it easy for us to analyse.

My objective is direct and simple: to increase your turnover through Google Ads, Sales Pages and advanced tracking.

They trusted me

Several companies with international ambitions trust me for regular services.

Now it's your turn!

Real feedback, real professionals

Who have no more time or money to waste! Just like you?

Cristina Hernando Pajuelo's opinion - Amina Aguet, Marketing & Communication Manager at Cogestim

Amina Aguet

- Marketing & Communication Manager at Cogestim -

Thank you to Cristina for her excellent follow-up and her efficiency in the optimization of our campaigns. Reactive, professional and very friendly, it is a real pleasure to work with her.

Opinion Cristina Hernando Pajuelo - Thomas Collard, Co-founder Immo-Axess

Thomas Collard

- Co-founder Immo-Axess -

Cristina is the person you need to manage your Google Ads campaigns and write your landing page. It is easy to understand that she masters all the points of digital marketing. Thank you Cristina.

Opinion Cristina Hernando Pajuelo - Andy Lee, Hosting & Delivery Manager @Criteo

Andy Lee

- Hosting & Delivery Manager @Criteo -

Cristina is an awesome account manager and always gives 100% for her job. She's very professional and organizing our company needs and projects with her expertise. Friendly to work with and always available. Highly recommended.

Opinion Cristina Hernando Pajuelo - Alina Sophia Trettel, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Kuravisma GmbH

Alina Sophia Trettel

- Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Kuravisma GmbH -

I have the pleasure to work with Cristina since more than two years now and it's just perfect. I highly recommend Cristina and I'm very happy working with her on all topics regarding Google Ads and Tracking as she always gives more than 100% to reach your goals. Thanks to her hands on mentality and her profund knowledge in the field she is a reliable partner and an essential force to push your company to the next level.

Avis Cristina Hernando Pajuelo - Isabel Santiandreu Morales, Helping companies and professionals communicate their brand in the digital world / Training and Consultancy

Isabel Santiandreu Morales

- Ayudo a empresas y profesionales a comunicar su marca en el mundo digital / Formación y Consultoría -

Cristina es una gran profesional con un trato cercano que facilita el trabajo cada día. Tiene una gran visión estratégica y sabe reconducir cualquier situación para conseguir los objetivos marcados. He trabajado cada día con ella y destaco la empatía y la asertividad que tiene con su equipo. Trabajar con ella me ha hecho crecer como profesional y como emprendedora. Sin duda la recomiendo para que tu ayude a trazar tu estrategia en marketing y lanzar tu marca de manera internacional.

My certifications

I spend at least 1 hour a day doing the monitoring. It's essential to bring you the latest ATS advice, tips from the best and solve unconventional problems.

Cristina Hernando Pajuelo, google Ads | Tracking GTM | Analytics | CRO | Landing Page

Cristina Hernando Pajuelo

Google Ads Consultant | Tracking GTM | Analytics | Landing Page

Freelance InternationalDigital Marketing Consultant

I help you to increase the quality and number of prospects visiting your website.

I am passionate about what I do. If it is not within my competence I will introduce you to a colleague.

If I can accomplish the mission, I will do it as if it were my own business.


Why work with me?

Regular items

1 to 2 updates per week on key actions taken and analysis of results.

Daily Supervision

Supervision of campaigns and implementation of high value-added actions every day

Business-oriented results

My objective is direct and simple: to increase your turnover through Google Ads

Structured methodology

No improvisation. All actions and their timing have been designed to bring value

Implementation of the most advanced techniques